Frosty's featured hvac projects

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Frosty Refrigeration has earned a reputation of providing high quality work for all our clients.
The following is a sample of projects we have completed.


Synagogue Project

Frosty installed a new HVAC system with a Central Dehumidifier and a Steam Humidifier in order to maintain a constant humidity level of 40-50% in the Museum of the Nation’s 3rd oldest remaining Synagogue.

Since there was no existing forced air duct system in the museum area, Frosty Refrigeration designed a stand alone system that included: an Aprilaire 1770A Central Dehumidifier; model 1160 Steam Humidifier; and a forced air system with duct work and dedicated blower. A commercial humidistat was used with high and low limits to control the 1160 and 1170A operation. According to John: “The designed system and Aprilaire equipment have outperformed ourexpectations.”

Articles Written About This Project:

Energy-Efficient Heat-Pump System Satisfies Preservationists’ Guidelines


Main House Restoration

We provided a new Heating and Air Conditioning system to an existing house originally built in the 1830’s. Here is what the Owners had to say about our company:

“Everyone I spoke to about heating and air conditioning recommended Frosty when I asked who was the best. Now we know why. These guys are good. Really good. They have specialized teams for each phase and custom design, manufacture, and install ductwork to suit. There will be two heating/cooling systems in the attic for the third and second floor, and two more in the basement for the wing and first floor. There will be one central boiler feeding hot water to each of the fan driven heating coils throughout the house. No more clanging single pipe radiators!”