Frosty Heating & Air Conditioning Serving Baltimore & Annapolis


Frosty Refrigeration sells and installs a wide variety of air quality products as well as programmable thermostats and CO detectors. Our experienced industry experts can help you choose the right solution for you.


Whole Home humidifiers provide maximum comfort throughout your entire home. Feel warmer at lower temperatures and save money while protecting your family's health. Read More...


Automatic humidity sensing provides efficient and effective removal of excess humidity in your home. We can install the right unit for your application. Read More...

Electronic Air Cleaners

Central Air Cleaners are installed as part of your home's central system completely out of sight and silent. You will get a healthier home environment by removing dust and allergens. Read More...

Media Filter Air Cleaners

Media filter air cleaners are less effective than electronic air cleaners, but they are still up to 15 times more effective than a standard filter. Learn More...

Programmable Thermostats

Control your entire heating and air conditioning system with a programmable thermostat and save by optimizing your temperature settings. Read More...

CO Detectors

Protect your family from Carbon monoxide (CO) which is the most commonly found poison in your home. Get peace of mind by installing a CO detector in your home. Read More...

Our Products:
- Humidifiers
- Dehumidifiers
- Electronic Air Cleaners
- Media Filter Air Cleaners
- Programmable Thermostats
- CO Detectors