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Aprilaire Programmable Thermostat - 8400 Series

The 8400 Series Programmable Thermostats are easy to program and offer a combination of simplicity, value, reliability, comfort and style.

Programmable Thermostat Features:

  • Easy to Use Temperature Control and Manual Override.

  • Automatically starts your HVAC system at the right time in order to reach the desired temperature at the right time.

  • Choice of 5/1/1 Day or 5/2 Day Programming which allows customizing your weekday and weekend needs.

  • Large LCD Screen with high contrast provides easy reading.

  • Adding an optional outdoor sensor will provide you the with outdoor temperature.

  • Circulate Fan Mode will Cycle the fan on for 10 minutes every 30 minutes, thus circulating the air through your home for overall comfort.

  • Service Reminders indicate when you should change your air filter and your humidifier's water panel to keep your equipment running effeciently.

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